Monday, October 25, 2010

There's a Ghost in Room 6 - by Tienira

In this picture I see Tyla dressed in spooky clothes. One night she sneaked into room 6 but we left a trap there, she stood on it and out came the camera and we took a photo of her. When we knew that she had been sneaking into our classroom she went home and never returned...


  1. Dear Tienira,
    Wow what a lot of expression! You really made me feel like I was reading a horror story.
    From your friend,

  2. Dear Tienira.I liked how you used great vocabulary!! Good imagining too!! One thing i have to say is that you could of made it a tad longer but it was cool anyway so never mind. you thought how you could be so imaginitive and good and you accomplished that!! So a big well done!! i think i might read it again!!

  3. Wow Tyla you look like a real scary ghost in this photo(not that i've seen one)!
    Tienira you have wrote such a splendid blurb.
    Well done and I hope to see more.
    From Imarny

  4. Hi Tienira
    Great blurb about Tyla modeling the ghost costume. I really like how you described the photo of Tyla, it is very descriptive.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Dear Tienira,
    Ooooohhhhh I am going to eat you up if you don't keep posting photo blurbs! Your blurb was absolutely fantabulous! Tyla I have to give you some credit as well, what a great photo. OMG you both deserve an award or something. I really, really liked how Tienira wrote awesomely and she made it better with the ... at the end. That totally helped make it excellent. Hahaha!!!
    Oh and you well never know who wrote this message...
    No I am just kidding I just wanted to use ... Well keep up the great no brilliant work and don't forget I will eat you if there is no more brilliant work.