Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Jumbo Mumbo Challenge by Andrew

It was Meatball and Maths night on 15.9.10 when my mother
went to the hall for the maths Ikan test. My mother claimed she had the
test questions all correct (I believe her). My mother
also played with Jumbo cards.
Here is a picture of my mum having fun with the Jumbo cards.


  1. Andrew - I have to say that I loved the title for your piece of work as 'Meatballs and Maths' is a great heading and the Mumbo Jumbo Challenge had me intrigued and wondering what you had written about. I really liked the photograph that accompanied your writing as it helped me to further understand what was going on and I enjoyed that. I liked what you wrote and it looked like your Mum was enjoying the night as well!

  2. Dear Andrew,
    What a great title. Your photo is great to your mum looks like she is having a lot of fun. I think she might of aced the IKAN test too (I certainly didn't). Hahaha! Keep up the excellent work I certainly wish to see more.