Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talking Aloud by Arianna

In this photo Mrs Burgess is smiling for the camera (when she saw the camera flash she smiled immediately). She was just about to introduce our Duffy Role Model named Niva Riti-manu. After she introduced Niva, she started talking (that was the boring part). I was just about to close my eyes but the librarians were walking up to give out the books for the kids at home and when they stood their big thongs (type of sandals) woke me up. I was a bit sad to find out that I didn't get my books back and I'm still waiting for my books but I finally got them the next day!


  1. Hi Ariana
    I like how you say what you see in the picture and how you say who was the teacher.

  2. Hi Ariaana
    Really like your blog and I all so like you how you say what is happening in the picture and I really like it.

  3. Dear Ariaana
    I really like your expreshin and keep up the good work and the secand thig I wanted to say is I really really like how you are writeing to peaple nice things and you alwas will look beautiful where ever you go you will still look beautful and you are still loook beautful.
    love from Samira

  4. Hey Samira and Tienira
    Thanks for the comment's that you gave to me i really appreciated it but you both spelt my name wrong and samira had some spelling mistake's but thanks anyway