Monday, October 14, 2013

Waitama - 4 hour hike


How can people walk for four hours?
Oh my gosh! A four hour hike, what could be worse than that? By the look of the shape of the mountain, it looked like mount Everest’s twin. Walking up the hills and feeling broken down, my legs were in pain like they were never alive.

“Keep up Waitama” exclaimed Tienira,  walking in front.  I was trying to keep up, but my legs were in pain after those crazy steep hills. People were trying to push in front “I want to go home” I shouted, seeing sharp, steep stairs ahead of us. Finally the stairs finished, my whole body felt like it was going to break into millions of pieces.

I said to myself “Come on Waitama” trying to push myself when I was marching up the steep hills trying to keep up with Mr Johnson and Tienira up in front. Soon after I was getting weak and in pain, I slowed down and tryed to take a deep breath, oh my gosh another hill! This is the worst walk ever.

I made it to the top of a hill and saw everyone sitting down, Yay! My legs felt that they were going to peel themselves off and then shatter into dust.
This four hour hike was ridiculously long but worth it! It was my first time walking up and down the hills and I wish I never have to do that again in my life!

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