Monday, October 14, 2013

Faitele - Camp Recount

Kokako lodge
Slip slop splash! I fell into the water. The water was as cold as ice and I was bobbing up and down because I had a life jacket on. I could not touch the ground, but it did not stop me from crashing into trees, plants and thorn bushes. There were also rocks and glass but luckily we were wearing our shoes. There were other rocks that look like crocodiles because they were green with slime.  

When I hit the water it was cold and frosty, I was freezing and the people that were around me didn’t even bother to help me, they just kept on paddling. Allen the instructor came rushing down the river to save me. WEEEEEE!

When I fell in the water the rest of my group  just stared at me and paddled away as fast as they could.   Later on though I was laughing when they crashed into the thorny bushes and trees.

When I saw the waterfall Allen said “We're going to the waterfall.” I  was scared because I knew I would fall out of the kayak. The waterfall dropped a lot of water and it was getting harder and harder to paddle against the current, but I didn't fall in and it was an extraordinary journey .

When I came out I looked like a waterfall because I was so soaking wet.  The water was streaming off me.

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