Monday, October 14, 2013

Bradley - Kayaking Recount

Camp 2013

Splash!  My kayak hit the water and I had to try and get in without getting wet. When I first tried to get into my kayak I fell over and got all wet.  

The kayaking instructor was Allan he was  a good instructor.  He taught us how to go left and right. He taught us also how to move forwards and backwards. When I went too fast, I tipped over and when I went too slow I crashed into some thorn bushes.

I fell in the water about 27 times because it was hard to keep balanced on the kayak. The thorn bushes were awful they gave me big cuts. “Ahhh!” I hit my head and it was bleeding. I asked for a plaster but Allan said “If I put a plaster on you it will fall off ”

Splash! I fell in the water again! “Brrr” I was shivering as I came out of the water, but that didn’t stop me going kayaking again the next day.

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  1. Hi Bradley I like your 2013 camp it must of been fun I want to do that. great work.