Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yummy in My Tummy - by Maria

Sandwiches: as delicious and wonderful as it seems, a lot of effort is put into one of these small snacks. My favourite part of today was making and eating my sandwich. In my sandwich was avocado, tuna, lettuce and cheese. I loved the taste of my sandwich. The look of my sandwich made me want to eat it up straight away. I could not really smell it. That is why I loved this day.


  1. I like how you used those words for your sandwich it was Inresting looking at your sandwich it's like I want to eat it.

  2. Hey Maria,
    Yummy in My Tummy is a great title for your little story.
    You have used lots of descriptive words as well!
    Your story deserves a rating 10/10.
    Well done,
    From your friend,

  3. Dear Maria
    I love the Photo and the written blurb. And I felt the sandwichwas good too!great to see no spelling mistake's. hope to see more.

  4. That sandwich looks
    sensationaly helthy.
    What do the ingredients bring:
    lettuce:a freash piece colourful green vegetable.
    Tuna:A great fish with flavour.
    Cheese:A nice sensation of calcium.
    Avacardo:adds a burst of flavour in any dish.
    It brings a creative peice of work
    and gives the definition of tasty and flavour.

    Keep up the spectacular work.
    From Katopau

  5. Mmm... very delicious looking like a gourmet burger but better!
    Green lettuce, tasty yellowish cheese, pinkish raw Tuna, I expect
    you'll be wanting a million more of your tasty sandwich.(I do anyway)

  6. i wonder if you eat that