Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tienira's Poster


  1. A very clear voice Tienira for your blurb. And a very funky font for poster.

  2. Great Poster tells who
    you are.

    from Katopau

  3. Hi Tienara,
    Your poster is really cool its vibrant with all the cool colours on it like blue,green,red and black. Your speech bubbles are cool as well.
    Well done,but next time I think you need to work on is speaking more clearly in your podcast.
    From Imarny

  4. Dear Tienera,
    I was amazed to see your marvellous poster and your other work!I really liked it when you sounded clear but not the expressive never mind you can try next time!
    I thought you were an amazing model!

    See you round

  5. Hi Tienera

    Nice work and I really enjoyed looking and listening to your podcast. You worked really hard in doing your blog.

  6. Dear Tienera,
    What a great poster I love all the colors and how they match your wordle.
    Keep up the brilliant work work.

  7. Hello
    And thank you for making comments on my work.
    And I all so like how your tilling me all what I need to imprude.