Friday, December 10, 2010

Stefanie Smiling-by Jahvana

In this photo there is a girl named Stefanie who, as you can see, is making her way out of the bus in a spiritual way and is very excited to have been watching the Manaiakalani films at our festival.


  1. Dear Jahvana,

    I really liked your blurb, but I think that you could of made it longer. I liked the part when you explained how Stefanie got out of the bus! I believe that Stefanie would have been smiling a lot because the Manaiakalani Film Festival was amazing. Any ways keep up the good work.

    From your friend,

  2. Hi Jahvana,
    Of course Stefanie that huge, cute smile just hipmotizes my eyes.
    I really like how you used descriptive words in it.
    Well done
    From Imarny

  3. Dear Jahvana once again what a good blurb because of your vocabulary and your title was so cute!! okay I have got to go reads it again so bye ohh keep it up!!

  4. Hi Jahvana,
    I loved your blurb about me becaues you said about what you think I was smiling about and you were right!

    P.S. I hope you have a lovely time and Imarny don't CALL ME CUTE!!

    Your BBF Stef