Sunday, December 12, 2010

Movember Madness by Tyla & Samira


  1. Dear Tyla and Samira,

    Wow what an awesome poster! It is so funny that you two were wearing a moustache! It is also cool that you are helping fundraise for Movember! You both really suit black moustaches. I also really love your poses! One thing though you could of added a blurb, just to inform people what it was for, what it is about. So yeah just that one piece of constructive advice.

    From your friend,

  2. Hi Tyla And Samira,
    Wow I'll have to say that your poster is the best I've seen so far(even better than mine)!!!
    I really like it that you two worked together and used teamwork it really showed on the fabulous poster you made.
    Well done and I hope to see more,
    From Imarny

  3. Dear Tyla and Samira.

    I just adorded your poster with funky photos and good written blurbs and captions!! you could of made it the poster a tad bigger although it was good thats what made it less readable no iffence good job anyways!!!