Saturday, December 11, 2010

Face painting with Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Salmon -By Shaye

On a summery Wednesday, Panmure Bridge had School Athletics!! There was many activities such as face painting. The two staff members who were helping with this activity were Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Salmon. There were some beautiful designs by some very good artists!! It was so hard to pick!! My favourite was the silver fern in silver face paint and glitter!!- So Kiwiana! It reminded me of the Netball Silver Ferns ( which is the best team ever! Might I add!) In this photo there are some dirty paint brushes (that need a wash) and some face paint. This would have to be the best activity!


  1. Hello Shaye,
    What an amazing piece! You explained what it was about and everything. I also enjoyed your quotes. I laughed at the part about KIWIANA! I got my face painted and yes it is the best activity. Anyways keep up the brilliant work.

    From your friend,

  2. Hi Shaye,
    I really like how much descriptive words you used in your story.Of course you added netball thats so like you Shaye.
    Well done and I hope to see more.
    From Imarny