Friday, June 11, 2010

Tai's Wordle


  1. Hi Tai

    Just wanna say that that's a good wordle you got there i think it actually suits.Continue doing the right thing Tai.

    Nice Job!!!!!!

    From Jahvana

  2. Hi Tai
    Your Wordle has some strange words in it about you in it like trickster. Anyway,your Wordle is still cool and it just about matches you,
    well done.
    From Imarny.

  3. Nice gothic Wordle Tai its pretty dull and looks pretty evil to me.

  4. Cool black and white wordle look's like a old school wordle. Could look better with some color instead of black and white.

  5. Hi Tai I like your wordle' it's so amazing and good job!!

    From Howard

  6. Tai Here.
    I just want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my blog!!!

  7. Hi Tai,
    sorry for making an unproppriate comment last time.You are wierd and I don't care because I
    like you just the way you are.You are
    a hard working special boy that keeps
    on climbing to the top of the mountain.
    Keep it up.
    From your best friend Katopau.