Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hope's Wordle


  1. Dear hope,I couldn't belive my eyes when i saw your wordle.its probably worth $1,000,000!its amazing!
    keep up the magneficent work!!

  2. What a wonderful Wordle Hope. What a creative way to show the characteristics of your personality. You sound like a lovely person.

    Miss G :-)

  3. Jahvana PatersonJune 11, 2010 at 8:20 PM

    Dear Hope

    Nice work on your wordle cause that's a nice colour for you to choose. Keep up the amazing work......

    Well Done

    From Jahvana

  4. Hey Hope,
    I think your Wordle is one of the best Wordles because of the delightful font and amazing colours.
    It says the exact words to describe you!
    Good Work,
    From Imarny

  5. Hey hope just seen your work orsome stuff love mum nd dad

  6. hey hope..nice work well keep it up..and you pick good colours for your you baby ...mum amd dad

  7. uncle lay

    hope is there anything you cant do?!!!...proud of your wordle ...always knew drawing on your walls at home would pay off lol keep up the good work..maybe mum an dad let you come over for holiday soon ...anyway bub miss you love the work alofa atu hope always your uncle Laei Gago

  8. Hi Hope you got a good wordle it so cool I thing you could be an artist good job!!

  9. Dear hope,I couldn't belive my eyes when i saw your wordle.It says the exact words to describe you!Also you have great neat hair.
    Keep up the work.
    From Katopau.