Thursday, June 3, 2010

Samira's Poster


  1. Hi Samira,
    I hope you got my other comment on your Wordle.
    Your Work is magnificent and always delightful to see/hear.
    Well Done Samira,
    You have worked extra hard on your work.
    P.S I hope you get more comments than this!
    From Imarny

  2. Hi Samira

    You are very photogenic - I love your big happy smile! I like the font you chose for your title. Did you think of coordinating your colours more?

    Excellent effort!

    Miss Day

  3. Hi Samira

    Great smiles you got on your face. I think you done really well.

    From Jahvana

  4. Hi
    I liked what you said I liked what u said
    it was beutiful
    From Zeba