Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trintiy Persuasive Writing

I think that schools should not have to have uniforms. I think that children should just have to wear their everyday clothing.
There are many reasons why children should  wear uniforms. But who cares about that not children they just want to wear want they want.

Also if children have to wear uniforms why don’t the teachers wear school uniforms too. They’re not any more special than us kids. There apart of the school as well aren't they. So i don't think children have to wear uniform because the teachers wouldn’t like to wear the uniform either.

Some childrens parents do not have the money to buy uniforms for their kids because it is to dare. but if they could wear the clothes that they want then parents don't have to buy uniforms or waste money on uniforms too.

So i think Kids that wear uniforms and should not go throgh all of that torcher.That are my reasons for why children should not wear uniform

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