Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tatiana Speech Assesment

Speech Assessment

L.I. - Present a formal speech

Captures your attention 5/5

Voice clarity / Pace 5/5
Volume 5/5
Posture / Eye contact 5/5

Topic is of interest to the audience 5/5
Meaning is clear 4/5
Ideas are presented in a logical order 5/5

Summaries ideas 5/5
Leaves audience with something to think about 5/5

Personality projected in speech:
Enthusiasm 5/5

Total:   49/50

One thing I think I did really well was... When i was speaking and encouraging the class t stop being a bullying and how i had eye contact and the volume of my speech
An element of persuasive speech that I used was...
One thing to work on for next time is...

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  1. Hi Tatiana

    Hi Tatiana I like all the great numbers the people scored you by. You have done a better job than mem