Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yay! Kapa Haka By Lavinia

This photo is a picture of Panmure Bridges School Kapa Haka group. We had to perform for the Texas group who came to visit our school. They came in week ten and there were two ladies and three men.


  1. Hi Lavinia

    Great blurb you've got there and I'm sure the Kapa Haka group couldn't wait until try outs and for the big day to come..

  2. Hey Lavinia

    Great work and yes I'm sure Kapa Haka couldn't wait for the big day...Great Work Lavinia...Keep it up!!!

  3. Hello me again..

    Lavinia can you tell the girls that I said hi and that I will send them a little something shortly.Love them all and dont forget that we are all still a family even though I am gone..
    Kia Kaha -(Stay Strong)

    Love you all and you will hopefully hear from me soon...

    Love Tyla...