Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Disgusting Awful Plaster In The Pool! By Candice

When we went to the pools, someone took a picture of a disgusting awful plaster in the pool! " I am not going in there until someone gets it out! "I thought to myself .

P.S. Someone did get it out!


  1. To Candice :

    Nicola typing, Funny recount When I read your recount I said ewwww!
    That really got my seth to type up this comment.

    From your' friend:

  2. Hi Candice

    Great blurb you got there and I bet you that the plaster looked awful and gross to swim in...

    God Work BOSS!!!

  3. Hi Candice,

    That was very a yuck picture and I like your great words you used in your blurb .