Friday, September 27, 2019

The Glass House

The glass house

Photo courtesy of Tom Fruin, One Big Photo.

There was a glass house but it lights up when it’s dark, it looks like a shop and it was built there because it needs to be in a dark place. Then a girl name Sarah hated it because it was see through but then she got used to it.  But then Sarah wanted to make her house into a shop, so she went to the supermarket to get food and jar. When she got her stuff she made her house into a shop.

After that, Sarah made her house into a shop and it didn’t look like her house, then some    
people were there. Sarah was looking for another house then she picked her house but she
needs someone to be in her shop so Sarah can stay at her house since it was morning. She saw
someone at the front door of the shop the person was standing their Sarah said then the person
said hi then the person wanted to work at Sarah’s shop then Sarah said sure then Sarah said make
sure you look after this place then the person said okay I will . Then Sarah went to her new home
she loved her new home then she would never go back to her shop.  

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