Monday, August 11, 2014

Teagan - Holiday Reading Radical Reading

I was reading Big Nate and Friends by Lincoln Pierce on a plane. It was a novel. My dad, my brother and I went to Melbourne so I decided to read my book while I was on the plane. I had a window seat so I took a picture of the wings and the horizon.


  1. Hi teagan I like that you are on a plane and that you are reading a book the has planes in it.

    From Amato

  2. Hi Teagan
    I really love your photos from the trip to Melbourne with your brother and dad.
    Keep up your great work and work hard.

  3. Hi Tegan
    I really like your photos it look nice . I think you enjoy at Melbourne with your Brother and Father. It's good that you are keep reading at home or in the plane.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Teagan,

    What an amazing place to read! You have truly outdone yourself. Keep up the amazing work.


  5. Hi Teagan. Tu Meke photo! I really like how in your own time, you decided to read a book on a plane. How did the trip in Melbourne go? I hope you had fun!

    Ka Pai Teagan!

  6. Hi Teagan

    I really like your reading I'm sure you enjoy your holiday to Melbourne.
    Keep it up

  7. Tu Meke Teagan this must have been fun going to Melbourne and spending time with your grandfather.

  8. Hi Teagan and I like your photos on your trip . I think you had a very fun day and you are so lucky.

    from Bradley