Friday, April 11, 2014

Jason's tranfromation art.

This is my transition art.
It use 3 media- pastel, crayon & dye and paint.
It shows 3 transformations.
The first row is translated
The second row is rotated
The last row is reflected.

I really like the reflection because I like reflecting stuff.
Next time I will not rush my progress.
I liked the colour because my colours a dark and light.


  1. Wow jason

    Nice work on your peace of art I realy like how you used a lot of colours.

    from Amato

  2. Hi Jason...

    You have done an amazing piece of work. What you have done well is the translation. Next time try to not rush your work.


  3. Hey Jason

    Nice art work I like they way you used light and dark colours.