Friday, August 16, 2013

Katarake Howick Historical Village letter

Panmure Bridge School
Kings Rd

Thursday 11 July

Dear Howick Historical Village.

Thank you Howick Historical Village for letting us come over and look at all the things we’ve had. We have had a wonderful time there and we would love to come again only if someone didn’t break the bed. Thank you Mrs White for teaching us about how kids were treated in the 1800’s and 1900’s and that they have to sit up straight all the time. If I had to choose a strict kind of teacher it won’t be you. Thank you teacher for talking to us about how students had to make their toy and how they had play with it as well. Thank you teacher for telling us about what they had to do with their toys like selling it and and also about what they had done with it too. Our tour was amazing and I liked the beds in the 3 little pigs houses and the toilets because its fancier than our schools. Oh and I’m also sorry about what had happened to the bed in the room.

Yours sincerely: Katarake

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  1. Hello Katarake,
    I just want to say wow what a cool recount you have put out all the stop's great work and remember keep on doing the right thing.