Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Room 6 2011 FACEBOOK - by Room 6

This is our new class for Room 6 2011. You might recognise some of us from last year? We are a all enthusiastic about the year ahead and what we will learn. Watch this space!


  1. Great to see the faces of room 6 :)

    I sure will be back to see what you creative lot get up to.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Rm6

    we all look good and I hope we have a good year this year!!

    P.S YES I'm yr 6!!!


  3. hi room6

    i really love what you did and i loved how you guys said this is our facebook hahahaha

  4. Hey Room6

    You all looked happy in your guys photos and that your smiles are bright as the sky.....I'm sure you all will learn something new this year.....

    GOOD LUCK ROOM6!!!!!!!!
    INJOY YOUR YEAR!!!!!!!!
    BE PROUD!!!!!!!!!!
    DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!

  5. A very positive looking class. A big ( and exciting ) year is ahead of you all.
    Best of luck