Sunday, September 27, 2009

Capri's looking at you!

Capri had a fantastic time wearing the funky glasses in the dark room and creating her photogram in all the stinky chemicals with her Pakuranga College buddy Rachel.
Click the photos if you would like to see a large version.

Listen to the podcast below to hear all about the making of...


  1. Well done Capri,good job and nicely said.

  2. Hi Capri, i like your podcust its so cool keep up your great exprission ok because i would like to hear more

  3. Hi Capri,
    It is your old mate Fatima,I just can't believe how fast 2009 has past!I mean I had some great times at room 6!Anyway,I really like your poster of Rachael becasue it has some really creative colours.For example,the light green shines infront of all that white and it adds abit of glowiness into your poster!Keep up your great work at your next school.
    Love from Fatima

  4. the picture is very good,,,, inspirational,,,, black and white gives a very deep meaning

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