Monday, June 15, 2009

Capri photographs Sophie

Capri likes to capture her friend Sophie's emotions on the camera and to make her photos funky by changing colours....

Click on the image to the left to view a stunning large version.
Click on the podcast below to hear what Capri has to say...


  1. Hi sophie I love all your enthusiasm in your photos Sophie and I wish Capri was my partner.

  2. Hi its jimmy you take go photo

  3. Hi its jimmy you take go photo

  4. Hi Sophie you and Capri took some cool photos listened to your podcast you need to speak louder you sounded quiet

  5. Hi Capri and Sophie
    I really like the photo where Sophie
    is kind of hiding in the tree,she looks
    cheeky.I also like the one where she is
    inside the circle bridge she looks like a
    real model! Great work,Capri and Sophie


  6. Hi Sophie like your enthusiasm photos

  7. Hi Sophie it's funny how you are pulling the tounge.

  8. Hey Capri like your photos did you like being a photographer i think you a good at it do you think.

  9. Hi Sophie i like how you took photos of capri you took good photos . I liked how you took the one that looks creative the one thats she looks like a spider

  10. Hi Capri,
    you took some amazing photos of
    Sophie they look interesting.

    Keep it up with the great work
    you do!

  11. Hi Sophie & Capri,

    I really love your photos that you took together espically the 2nd to Last Photo! Ha, That makes me laugh,Capri you did an awesome job on your Podcast aswell as the photographing!!

    Keep It Up Guys, Hoping to see what your like in Intermediate. =D

  12. i love your fantashi phtos

    from jessica