Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Poetry - I hear


When I think of the city
I hear
People shouting everywhere.
Inhabitants ride their bike and ring their bells.
I hear families eating food in the restaurant.
Cars make very loud sounds like a big train.
People talking while walking down the road.
Humans splash water like rain falling down.
Trucks make massive loud honking
People are calling their phones making a soft bell sound.
As if it had never ceased to be
But only needed listening to
An adult reading, floating free.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

You got this...

The Panmure Bridge School Ad Campaign for the 2019 Manaiakalani Film Festival was an idea to promote the kind of learning we do here at Panmure Bridge School and also within the Manaiakalani Cluster of schools. We took interesting ads and remade them under a Manaiakalani - Learn, Create, Share theme.

Do you know what ad this is based on?

Friday, September 27, 2019

Reciprocal Reading - Dangerous Cargo

Today my group was doing reciprocal reading and in reciprocal teaching one of us had to be the teacher and the book that we were reading was the Dangerous cargo and it was a good book too. What we had to do was one of us had to be a teacher and the first teacher was Ms Kirkpatrick and it was fun.

Sportmanship Certificated

The Glass House

The glass house

Photo courtesy of Tom Fruin, One Big Photo.

There was a glass house but it lights up when it’s dark, it looks like a shop and it was built there because it needs to be in a dark place. Then a girl name Sarah hated it because it was see through but then she got used to it.  But then Sarah wanted to make her house into a shop, so she went to the supermarket to get food and jar. When she got her stuff she made her house into a shop.

After that, Sarah made her house into a shop and it didn’t look like her house, then some    
people were there. Sarah was looking for another house then she picked her house but she
needs someone to be in her shop so Sarah can stay at her house since it was morning. She saw
someone at the front door of the shop the person was standing their Sarah said then the person
said hi then the person wanted to work at Sarah’s shop then Sarah said sure then Sarah said make
sure you look after this place then the person said okay I will . Then Sarah went to her new home
she loved her new home then she would never go back to her shop.  

Read Theory

I think that I improved my reading skills on read theory because I am getting better and better at my reading skills. Every time my grades gets harder and harder and I try my best.and this is my scoreboard on read theory. Sometimes I get 100% on read theory,and sometimes I get 50%.

Swimming Lessons

Today was the last day of swimming, since it was the last day we had to wear life - jacket. The first thing we've done was safe entry to the pool and we started chaining our self to our people, when we chained ourself we had to put our feet under and your hands around your buddy. After we did another thing called huddle and the huddle means the same thing but in a circle. Next we had to touch the ground of the swimming pool but some of the teacher made us duck down. I feel sad because we can not go swimming till next year on term 4.

Xtra Maths Certificate

Today we did Xtar Maths it was fun we had to go on subtration and it was hard to go on it.

Word Cline - Big

Today my class and I did a word cline. We needed to chose words that we didn't do for the word cline.

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